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Psychotherapy Training


Selection process

Welcome from the Chair of the Centre

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Training Structure


Selection Process


The course is at a postgraduate level of experience. Applications are welcomed from all sections of the community and we operate an equal opportunities policy in our selection process. We look for students who can demonstrate:

• experience in the helping professions or voluntary agencies
• a capacity to work with people who have suffered trauma
• readiness to sustain the commitments (emotional, financial and practical) of the course

In view of the important role that personal therapy plays in your development and training as a psychotherapist, we would expect you to have been in personal therapy for a minimum of one year with an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist or a psychotherapist who works from a psychodynamic perspective prior to starting the course. Ideally, this would be the year prior to and during your application to the training course, so that you have an established therapeutic relationship in place to support you through the process of application and the demands of beginning the training.

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Applications are still being received for the clinical training course starting in October 2013.

On receipt of a completed application form, suitable candidates will be offered an interview with members of the Clinical Training Committee. We aim to make the selection procedure as 'non-threatening’ as possible and relatively informal but rigorous. It is an opportunity to reflect on why you want to train and what you would bring to the training and to the profession.

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